HikinaHikina, Lapita’s newly revamped Pan-Asian pop-up restaurant, is a contemporary and trendy addition to Lapita’s portfolio of sensational dining options.

Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts is excited to announce the relaunch of Hikina, the freshly re-conceptualised Pan-Asian hot pot and dumpling house serving a diverse variety of flavours from the Far East.

Hikina showcases an explosive rollercoaster of tastes for guests to indulge in, including authentic hand-crafted dumplings, buns, sticks and traditional hot pot. This casual evening diner’s previous Cantonese concept was flipped and turned upside down in 12 hours to create an “intentionally lo-fi, purposefully imperfect” Pan-Asian pop-up restaurant. Hikina now provides the perfect platform for Dubai’s food buffs to savour a collection of the finest delicacies from across East Asia – with hot pot being the star of the show – without having to step foot on an aeroplane.

The 12-hour restaurant flip was made possible with dedicated teamwork including all of Lapita’s departments, including the Engineering, Rooms Division, Finance, I.T, Sales & Marketing and Executive Committee teams, working together to execute a “design on a dime”. Menu construction, design and tasting was executed on the day along with comprehensive restaurant operations training. The restaurant’s low budget facelift was maintained by repurposing existing material to construct the restaurant’s new fittings and furnishings, including the bar and visual projection screens.

Lily Chensiru, Hikina’s restaurant manager, is the source of inspiration behind the restaurant’s new concept and her fervorous enthusiasm for Pan-Asian cuisine is a fundamental ingredient in bringing Hikina’s flavours to life. Lily’s effervescent and passionate personality deems her the perfect host for an evening of fun and fantastic food.

Hikina draws its inspiration from the bustling cities of East Asia with their individual personalities and character, teeming with an overwhelming variety of cuisines that set the five senses alight.  Guests can feast their hungry eyes on the chefs preparing their meals as they work their magic in Hikina’s open kitchen. Guests walk into the kitchen and select from the restaurant’s wide choice of hot pot ingredients and broths, offering them the freedom to experiment with different flavour combinations to create their very own, bespoke hot pot concoctions. Other delectable menu highlights include Shandong dumplings, short rib yakitori and miso glazed octopus.

The hearty vibrance of Hikina’s dishes and the industrial-style décor that echoes a rustic, brash modernity is heart-warming as every dish is carefully handmade and cooked with love in a groovy and funky urban environment. Hikina will showcase its own take of the orient’s traditional dishes, drawing on a diverse and exotic spectrum of tastes, textures and aromas to bring guests a sumptuous, wholesome meal.

Nitin Mehrotra, Lapita’s Executive Chef explains, “the idea behind Hikina is an evolving pop-up restaurant concept. We have installed the décor spontaneously and impromptu – within 12 hours to be precise – drawing inspiration from East Asia’s bustling street side markets to recreate a lively and vibrant environment within our Polynesian themed hotel. Myself and the team are passionate about locally sourced, seasonal and sustainable ingredients and we look forward to offering our guests a collection of dishes featuring the complex and delicious flavours of East Asia. We’re excited to encourage our guests to be adventurous and indulge
in dishes inspired by China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia that we’ve curated specially at Hikina.”

Hikina is calling for all venturesome food explorers from Dubai and beyond! Guests are invited to join the team at Hikina for an “intentionally lo-fi, purposefully imperfect” gastronomical journey mapping across the far reaches of Asia Pacific.


Published on February 24, 2018

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