Sesame Restaurant introduces ‘plant forward’ dining

Sesame Restaurant introduces ‘plant forward’ dining

Sesame Restaurant introduces ‘plant forward’ dining

sesame 2Plant forward diet is the latest catch phrase in town, thanks to Sesame Restaurant, which introduced the concept to Dubai’s dining scene when it launched recently.

All over the world, forward-thinking restaurants are cooking up a delightful alternative that is shaking up the global food industry.

The new craze that has caught the attention of foodies is called plant-forward dining, where plant-based, tasteful dishes filled with nutritional values and loads of flavour are taking the spotlight in the menu.

In Dubai, one restaurant is taking the cudgels for taking this new dining option to the fore. “Having a plant-forward diet is about putting in more plant-based food into one’s diet, with the goal of enjoying nutrients in a healthier and more sustainable way,” explained Neha Jamani, Natural Chef and co-founder of Sesame Restaurant, Dubai’s newest go-to destination for nutritiously delicious food. “It’s a growing trend globally with many FMCG global giants looking at creating products that will be more plant-based, and will increasingly replace meats from food shelves across the world.”

Citing latest research, Neha says the plant-based market in the US is set to reach $5.2bn by 2020, and could potentially be one-third of the market in 2050. “That’s just in America, where a greater number of consumers are conscious of health and nutrition as well as sustainability issues when it comes to food consumption and fitness.”

According to Neha, Dubai’s dining scene currently doesn’t have a dining destination that serves this specialised plant-forward menu, which is why setting up Sesame Restaurant made a lot of business sense. The challenge was to develop a world menu catering to the multi – cultural back grounds residing in Dubai.


For many, the mere mention of plant-forward dishes immediately conjures strictly vegan dining, a misconception that Sesame hopes to build more awareness on.

Irina Sharma, Sesame Restaurant’s co-founder and brand champion, says at Sesame plant-forward diet is not about consuming just fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other plant-based foods. “It is a non-restrictive diet that still allows for consumption of meat, but the focus is turned towards a more conscious consumption that will help people have and maintain a healthier lifestyle, while still enjoying the foods and flavours that they are accustomed to,” she added.

Diners visiting Sesame Restaurant will see this nourishing mix of plant-forward dishes that have meat as main ingredients. That said, the restaurant located at Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, will have its plant-forward creations as the star of the menu. Recently opened, the restaurant has had some great reviews from ‘plant-forward-conscious’ diners, to those trying foods for the very first time.

“The feedback has been overwhelming, but the idea is still new for many, and we would like for this dining concept to reach out to a broader number of people. That will make much more business sense, but also because we have made it our commitment to hopefully make nutrition-focused dining experience not just an alternative, but a lifestyle choice for people,” Sharma continued.

At the restaurant, guests will be pleasantly surprised that its plant-forward dishes are not only served with gusto by its staff who share their knowledge on valuable nutritional information of the menu. “It’s part of our goal to share this passion for a sustainable, plant-forward diet and help those interested in this option to transition,” said Sharma.


Published on January 8, 2018

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